Announcing the Boston Tech Poetics Demo Night 2015

This summer I happened to meet Adam Ribaudo, a very interesting peep running very interesting projects. One of his latest endeavours have been co-leading the Boston Tech Poetics group along Sands Fish. Boston Tech Poetics is an open Google Group that anyone can subscribe to, and connects you to a community of creative technologists and artists in the Boston area and beyond. You should really apply to join, a lot of cool events, projects and opportunities are often broadcasted here.

Chatting with Adam, he told me how every year they organize a Demo Night, encouraging anyone in the community to showcase their projects and work in progress in an open and inviting atmosphere, with visitors from all across the metropolitan area coming to check the work. He also told me how they were still on the search for collaborations and venues for this year. I immediately suggested we organized the event in school, in the framework of the activities organized by two student groups I help in: Code Without Frontiers and TechGSD.

And after several weeks of applications, logistics, organization and bureaucracy, we are finally proud to announce that the Boston Tech Poetics Demo Night 2015 will be happening next October 28th, 7-9pm at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. We are very excited about this prospect, and I highly encourage you to check out the event if you are in the area, or even better, sign up to exhibit some work!

Further information and sign-up list on the Facebook event: